Feb 19, 2009

Adventures in Oxidizing

I think it is important as a jewelry designer to learn new techniques. So, I decided that I wanted to try out oxidizing jewelry. I used the egg method, which in my opinion is easier then using liver of sulfur, but takes longer. Some people let their jewelry sit overnight, some wait a couple of hours.

Here's what I did:

-2 eggs
-deep container (plastic or glass)
-aluminum foil

Step 1:
Boil eggs

Step 2:
Get your container and tape string on either side

Step 3:
When the eggs are hard. Take the shells off and place the eggs in the container, use a fork to crush them. Take your jewelry and place them on the string. The cross pattern worked better for my pieces, because my earrings are big. If you have smaller pieces use more string across the opening.

*This is without the egg, I was trying it out.

Step 4:
Cover the container with aluminum foil, make sure you don't knock your pieces into the egg.

Step 5:
All you do now is wait. You can let it sit overnight, it's up to you.

After 2 hours...

I didn't want them that dark, so I buffed them a bit. Here's the finished product..

I hope that helped you. Remember this was my first time doing it, so...

Feb 12, 2009

Re-launch (finally)

Hi guys. I haven't blogged in a long time. Sorry about that.

I had my shopped in vacation mode for two months. I couldn't find the inspiration or the funds to make jewelry (lol). Sometimes, your just not in the mood and I would rather make pieces that I love, rather then pieces that I just did to fill up my shop.

I am back in the groove and find making jewelry fun again.

So, my shop should be filled up with new items by Sunday. It would have been sooner, but my camera broke and it took a week for my new one to come in.

Look at what I have so far. --------->>>>>

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