Oct 21, 2008

Politics on Etsy: Good, Bad, & Ugly

Well, I frequent the Etsy forums a lot, particularly the ETC. section. When it comes to politics it can get very heated in there. I admit, I have been apart of the fray sometimes. When it comes to politics, I can be very opinionated.
Lately, I have realized that maybe I need to take a break from the political threads. That has been a hard thing to do though.

Some might say, that participating in political threads can hurt your store.

I personally, could care less if someone chooses not to buy from me, because of my political or social views. I sell a lot of my jewelry off line and I want, to of course see my online store succeed, but if that means I have to hide who I am to do that, then oh well.

If someone has something in their store that I like, I would buy from them. I could care less if they agree with me or not when it comes to politics*.
I have meet strong, smart, and supportive members in forums, from both parties. I am pretty sure that I wouldn't have, if I didn't participate.

So, for all the newbies, don't be nervous to voice your opinons.
By the way I am a proud, unapologetic supporter of Barack H. Obama II:)

* However, lol, there are like two people in particular who, hell would have to freeze over, melt, and freeze over again before I would ever consider, buying from them.

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