Oct 21, 2008

Politics on Etsy: Good, Bad, & Ugly

Well, I frequent the Etsy forums a lot, particularly the ETC. section. When it comes to politics it can get very heated in there. I admit, I have been apart of the fray sometimes. When it comes to politics, I can be very opinionated.
Lately, I have realized that maybe I need to take a break from the political threads. That has been a hard thing to do though.

Some might say, that participating in political threads can hurt your store.

I personally, could care less if someone chooses not to buy from me, because of my political or social views. I sell a lot of my jewelry off line and I want, to of course see my online store succeed, but if that means I have to hide who I am to do that, then oh well.

If someone has something in their store that I like, I would buy from them. I could care less if they agree with me or not when it comes to politics*.
I have meet strong, smart, and supportive members in forums, from both parties. I am pretty sure that I wouldn't have, if I didn't participate.

So, for all the newbies, don't be nervous to voice your opinons.
By the way I am a proud, unapologetic supporter of Barack H. Obama II:)

* However, lol, there are like two people in particular who, hell would have to freeze over, melt, and freeze over again before I would ever consider, buying from them.


T.Allen-Mercado said...

I try (and fail, but not too often) to steer clear of the political threads because my political leanings are personal. That being said, this election and the issues surrounding the parties surpasses politics. This election has called for a rearranging of deep rooted thoughts and fears...it's time to move furniture around in America and there's an elephant in the room. huh? What's that you ask? The elephant's name? "ISM" Racism, sexism...you name it-big things are happening. Things worthy of discussion. Thanks for being an active participant...even when I lurk I'm cheering you on!

ShaNic Design said...

Thank you for your support.

ShaNic Design said...

Thanks, to the person who, corrected some errors in my post. :)

Andrea said...

I used to stay out of the political fray on Etsy. Recently I even took a forum "vacation" for several months.

Hell, I wasn't even that thrilled about any of the candidates during primary season.

However, recently, things have changed for me. Suddenly I've become very inspired about the importance of this election.

Of course there's the economic crisis.

But what I've seen is Barak Obama grow up, going from just talking about hope and change to spelling out exactly how he will achieve that for American people.

Moreoever, he's held his head high above the fray in what has become a negative campaign, filled with baseless rumors, innuendo, and implicit racism.

To me, that - along with his policies - say Presidential, and for that reason I continue to get involved in these political threads.

Reny said...

I highly respect real, transparent people. And you are one. Passion for what you believe in is a good thing. (Hope I'm not one of those two you don't like.) :0)

ShaNic Design said...

Thank you reny. You are not the two:)

Betsy said...

Hi... I tend to get drawn into the political forums on Etsy, and sometimes I get so indignant at what people are saying there that I'll write some long rant and then by the time I'm ready to hit the "submit" button, I realize the conversation has gone on to other subjects. So I delete it. Maybe not a bad thing!

I think I've lost a potential sale or two from speaking out, but I'd rather lose those sales than try to be quiet and well-behaved.

I really like the fact that your politics are just as much a part of your life as your art is.


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