Apr 30, 2009

Stop the Spam

I have been active on twitter for a couple of months. I like interacting with other sellers, friends, etc. 

However, I have noticed that you have some people who will spam the hell out of you with their ads, from their Etsy shops, to their family members businesses, websites, etc. Don't get me wrong I have sent out tweets talking about items that I just listed to my shop or recent blog posts (lack there of), but that is only when I just listed the items or made the post, I don't twitter about it all day, everyday.

Some people take twittering their business to the extreme, with every single tweet being about their recently listed items, recently renewed items, ideas about how to sell more items, etc.  If you go to their homepage, they reply to no one, because they are twittering about their business. They appear to have no interest in other people, which defeats the purpose of Twitter.

You need to switch it up a bit, respond to people, send out random info about yourself, have fun with it. Be a human, not a business twittering robot.

Rant over.

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Apr 11, 2009

I so want another job...

..but I know that finding a job right now would be very difficult to do. I like the people that I work for but, I am ready to have a job in my desired career field. You see, I work at a restaurant and sometimes you will have those customers that really piss you off and mess up your whole day. I should be use to it though, since all the jobs I've had has dealt with customers.

The fact that I am not working in the field I want to be in, has been really hard to deal with, to the point were I have been really bitchy to everyone and no one wants to be around me (yes it is that bad). I am working on changing my attitude and doing something that makes me happy.

Well, enough of my sad pathetic story.


Apr 1, 2009

I am sorry

I apologize that I haven't been updating my blog everyday or every week for that matter. I have busy with school, work, and trying to promote my shop.

To hold you over enjoy this video.

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